Reflo’s Sustainable Lapter Hoodie wins award!

by Rory MacFadyen
Reflo’s Sustainable Lapter Hoodie wins award!

Men’s Fitness, the leading global media publication, recently voted the Reflo sustainable Lapter Hoodie their recommended hoodie for for working out or lounging round in.


Not only did we beat some huge names in the world of activewear and sportswear, Reflo were the only sustainable brand in the competition.



Men’s fitness said:


"With kit made from melted-down single-use plastic (otherwise destined for landfill), Reflo is the clothing brand with sustainability at its core. Unlike most brands, which churn out new collections on a near-weekly basis, Reflo take a less is more approach, with three core ‘Edits’ – Golf, Active, and Leisure – remaining as they are, to reduce the impact on the planet.


The Lapter Hoodie is ultra-breathable, stretchy and quick-drying, making it just as suited for working out in winter as keeping you warm on your trip to the shops. As part of Reflo’s Active Regeneration philosophy, for every hoodie bought one tree will be planted.


Fit: 4.5/5

Comfort: 4/5

OVERALL: 4.5/5"


Huge thanks to Mens Fitness, you can buy a Lapter Hoodie here and read the article here.