Waste minimising Reflo sustainable golf club head covers.

We do things differently than most other brands here at Reflo, and we have just launched our own range of sustainable upcycled golf club covers made from our unusable samples!

One of the core elements of our Active Regeneration is to minimise waste. We do this in lots of ways, from alternative pattern cutting techniques for minimal textile scraps, to limiting the amount of samples we create when developing our sustainable apparel.

However, samples are a reality of creating a clothing range. Samples are the initial stage test garments, that we use to refine fit, fabrics, branding, performance to ensure our products are world class. Most of the samples are wearable, and you will often see our team at Reflo HQ or their friend and family wearing them. Some however aren’t, as the fit, finish or quality is not up to standard, most brands would just throw these away.

We have partnered with the awesome Clamp Golf Company who are turning our old samples into high quality, hand made, sustainable club head covers.

We make the inner of the sustainable club head covers from old Lapter Hoodies and Neva Joggers and the outers are made from Wandel Jackets and Adriatic Polos.

Each set is a one off, completely unique and will be a real talking point sat proudly atop of your clubs. You can buy them here. 

Keep your eye out as we will be producing more unique sustainable club head covers in the future.

Written by Rory MacFadyen

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