Building any online store has an environmental impact, and whilst we always try and minimise our impact, we don’t think that is enough. We worked with our fantastic partners at Ecolgi and the Eden Reforestation Project, to plant 600 trees in two countries devastated by deforestation, Madagascar and Mozambique. This is part of our philosophy we call Active Regeneration™

Active Regeneration™ is built into our foundation. Every aspect of our business strives to make a positive imprint with concrete action. 

Not only did we plant 600 trees, everyone who worked on the web build, both internally at Reflo and with our partners, are part of climate positive workplaces. The average person’s carbon footprint is 10 tonnes of CO2 a year. A climate positive workforce offsets 14 tonnes of CO2 a year for every employee. The contributions fund Gold Standard and Verified Carbon Standard renewable energy and carbon reduction projects around the world. 

You can learn more about Active Regeneration here.

Written by Rory MacFadyen

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